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Kayla 2009

Here we have  a very special young lady! Tandy & I had such a blast Kayla!~ You certainly are beautiful from the inside out! We wish you the very best blessings as you move forward in life, onto bigger and more exciting adventures.  These pictures are now in memory of the Yellow Bug, it was such a fun car. Kayla we are so thankful you are alive and well, and we will continue to pray for healing! We love you!!







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Happy Mother’s Day!!


Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mother’s. May you all have a wonderful day!!!

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Kara | Sugar Snap | Orlando, Florida

Kara is fun and spunky. I had so much fun taking her around and capturing her gorgeous eyes and fun personality. She is an aspiring hair stylist also and very talented. Kara thanks for all you do!





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Eli | Sugar Snap | Orlando, Florida

This little one is precious to me! Last Christmas was a different story.  Eli’s mom, Tricia, was suffering the loss of yet another baby and she wondered if having a child was just going to be a dream that she could never attain. What a true gift that this Christmas she was holding her little son in her arms. Eli arrived just in time for Christmas and is such an adorable little one. Tricia and Ian are amazing parents already. I cannot wait to see what this little boy will become. Congratulations Smith family. I love you! 



I love this one! Eli was so determined to keep that particular paci. I love how his little fingers are holding on to it.

eli-smith-9-of-88eli-smith-80-of-881eli-smith-75-of-881eli-smith-77-of-88Eli, I hope your first year is amazing!

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The Moyer’s | Sugar Snap | Orlando, Florida

I love this family with all my heart. We met them almost 8 years ago and have been through many of their life changing moments. I remember watching Dianna in the lobby of restaurants jogging back and forth to calm Hanna as an infant! Every once in a while she would let me step in and I would get my chance to hold her tiny baby girl. I remember when they received Austin and how crazy their first moments in life were with him, and of course getting the many calls of stories of their son. We loved it (not so sure they thought it was as amusing as us). Now all of our kids go to the same school and we get to enjoy even more of them. I know that their are some life changing things coming up, but I hope that we always keep the closeness we have. WE LOVE YOU MOYERS!







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