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Sidney, you are gorgeous!! I had a blast on our shoot. You are a beautiful girl with such a bright future. Take it slow and enjoy, these are some of the best years of your life!


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Kayla 2009

Here we have  a very special young lady! Tandy & I had such a blast Kayla!~ You certainly are beautiful from the inside out! We wish you the very best blessings as you move forward in life, onto bigger and more exciting adventures.  These pictures are now in memory of the Yellow Bug, it was such a fun car. Kayla we are so thankful you are alive and well, and we will continue to pray for healing! We love you!!






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Avery 2009 | Sugar Snap ATLANTA

Oh to be a senior again…what fun! The whole world stands before you, I hope you tackle it with laughter and confidence! It was so nice to meet you, I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life! These are some great times!! Enjoy them. But make sure you study!! Congratulations!!







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Kelli by Sugar Snap ORLANDO

With Graduation right around the corner, it was time for Kelli to get her pictures done. We had so much fun capturing who she was. I have known Kelli since she was a little girl and now knowing her as a young woman is captivating. Kelli you have a fabulous family who loves you well. Your attitude and sweetness will take you far. Good luck with graduation. I am glad that I could take part in some of your celebration!signatureforblog1





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Kara | Sugar Snap | Orlando, Florida

Kara is fun and spunky. I had so much fun taking her around and capturing her gorgeous eyes and fun personality. She is an aspiring hair stylist also and very talented. Kara thanks for all you do!





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America’s Next Top Model

That’s exactly what she should be! We had a BLAST! Every girl should take a day for themselves, to feel pretty and just have fun! Well we took full advantage of the fact that Amy is gorgeous and up for anything! I love how fun these shots are, we added a little twist to it all, and I love it! Amy you are so beautiful and we enjoyed spending the day with you, I can’t wait until we can get together and explore a different location!






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Maxie and the family!

In the spring, we were asked by this family to take their photo. Sadly Carey got sick with cancer and passed away shortly after. It was our honor to take her daughter’s pictures to celebrate her graduating. We even threw the rest of the family in there and got some family photos. We may never have gotten a chance to capture Carey with her family, but we did capture her spirit in the lives the she has touched. We love you Maxie and we love you Resnik family!



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