The W Family ~ {Spring Mini Session}



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12 responses to “The W Family ~ {Spring Mini Session}

  1. Cymonda

    We love them. And we love you! Thank you as always for helping us to capture these moments. Can’t wait til the fall!

  2. Tracy Jackson

    Nice family photos, the colors are beautiful.

  3. Emily

    Dez, These are amazing! You have the best props and the way you capture color is just beautiful. This is a gorgeous family! There is nothing like a momma and her boys 🙂

  4. Keely


    These are beautiful! Cymonda, you look radiant with your three handsome men. I hope to make the next session…

  5. April

    These photos are AMAZING! ❤ Love love love my nephews and you and RJ look wonderful, too. ;^) A+++ gorgeous!!

  6. Jamie

    Look at the little bizness man with his tie and typewriter! Too cute. Great pics. Good looking family! Nafese’s “cheeeeeese” always makes me smile.

  7. Rachel

    Cymonda, RJ – these photos are absolutely beautiful! Your family is so sweet. The colors are vibrant and the setting is so happy. Je loves.


  8. Toni

    Wow. Great subjects and amazing photography to capture this beautiful family. These are keepers!!!!

  9. Kara

    Adorable! Great photos of a beautiful family!!

  10. Katharyn

    Cymonda such beautiful pictures very colorful and bright. Picturing my daughter and I with pictures like these!

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